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4 Reasons Why Someone Should Invest In Equities Over FD, Gold & Real Estate

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When it comes to investing, Indians today are spoilt for choice. One has multiple choices such as to invest in equity, mutual funds, fixed deposits, gold, real estate, bonds and even in real estate abroad to name a few.
From all the investment options mentioned above if there is one investment which has beaten others hands down in returns it is equity. However still people in India hesitate to invest because of the many myths associated with it.

Many hesitate to invest in equity simply because of the wrong advice given to them by others. Here’s an example of the same.

Ajay and Vijay are close friends who started their career in the year 2009. Ajay was advised by his father to invest in equity an amount of Rs.10,000 every month in equities while Vijay started investing approximately the same amount in bank recurring deposits based on his father’s advice.

From the above table it is quite evident that Ajay’s decision to invest in equity was a right one as at the end of 10 year period, the value of his investment was worth Rs.27.86 lacs. Despite investing the same amount for the same period, Vijay’s investment value amounted to Rs.17.37 lacs. Because he did not invest in equity, Vijay lost an opportunity to earn almost 10 lac rupees more on his investment.Assuming a 15% rate of return in equities and 7% in bank recurring deposits

Here’s a comparison of CAGR returns generated by equity v/s gold and bank fixed deposits.

Beat inflation
Here are top 4 reasons why one should invest in equity over other investment options like gold, real estate and bank fixed deposits.

Equity is the only asset class which can beat inflation. High rate of inflation reduces the real rate of returns offered by debt instruments like bonds and fixed deposits.

High liquidity

When you invest in equity, the level of liquidity is quite high as you can withdraw your funds anytime by selling the stocks.

Superior returns

As mentioned above, equity has consistently outclassed the returns given by all other asset classes of investment in India.

For wealth creation

Only equity has the power to create wealth. All other investments cannot simply create wealth for you as they provide very low returns.

How equity stock recommendations can help you to invest in equity?
Stock market investments can be very complex and confusing for novice investors given the different types of economic, domestic and global factors affecting it. That’s why it is highly advisable to seek professional expertise for equity stock recommendations from financial advisory services while investing in equity.

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