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9th Anniversary Special: Our Story…

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Welcome to the world of simplified long-term investments!

Investing may look relatively easy now with information right at the tip of your fingers.

However, 9 years ago, when the digital era was not the buzzword, there were countless obstacles and myths surrounding the stock markets. Investors used to buy/sell businesses on the basis of ad hoc news, tips, rumours, etc.

We identified the problem and it is during one of those times in the year 2009, we incorporated ‘Equentis Group’ with a single mission of changing the financial lives of many by helping them navigate through the confusing lanes of the stock market.

We have set out a big mission to ‘Empower and Educate’ the investors to make them the ‘Billionaires’ of tomorrow.

Our objective is simple: Deliver ‘Quality’, made possible by ‘In-depth Research’ and ‘Technology‘, which is lacking big time today, as millions of seasoned investors and 400 million millennial are waiting for it.

What we promised and relentlessly delivered to our investors was:

  • We don’t target short-term returns.We believe in long term investment. Instead, we helped 5,000+ investors take the first step towards creating sustainable wealth through long-term investments.
  • With the right mix of rigorous research, education and discipline; we ensured half the job of our investors was done!
  • We followed the disciplinary approach and guided our investors to make rational decisions during all market conditions.

All of this may look too big. But that’s the core of Equentis group! And now as we complete 9 years of wealth creation for our thousands of investors, we’re just getting started to bring the wind of change in the otherwise chaotic world. We are proud to say that 92% of our customers showed their loyalty and are willing to recommend R&R to their family and friends. We understand this responsibility and are always thinking of new ways to improve, innovate and become more useful to our investors. And we don’t wish to stop here.

In fact, we take immense pride to share few initiatives in this direction such as:

  • Elite Club Conclave for our privileged investors
  • Launch of R&R mobile app to simplify and ease the wealth creation journey
  • Focused approach on improving the systems, customer service and product
  • Improving technology to make our platform more user-friendly and personalized

In the coming days, we will be undertaking more educational initiatives with our Investor Education workshops and branding initiatives to create more awareness around how sustained wealth can be created in a hassle-free manner.

Our vision is clear. We wish to:

  • Become a listed company by 2021-22
  • Lead technological innovation in the equity market investment & research space
  • Deliver the best value for money to all our investors
  • Create wealth for all our customers, shareholders & colleagues

It is not necessary to do different things. Sometimes, a simple thing done differently can bring in extraordinary results.

And we at Equentis, believe in staying true to this by following a simple (yet stringent) methodology and helping our investors follow them with patience, perseverance and discipline for a longer term to experience big results.

This is what has been an endeavour of Equentis, is, and will always remain…

And before we get back to serve you better, we thank you once again for your pertinacious support, for showing your trust in our wealth creation for long term investments products and being with us while we built a better, stronger and phenomenal product, technology and process.

With Gratitude,
Equentis Team

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