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Coronavirus Impact on Stock Markets: What Should You Look At?

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The massive spread of Coronavirus across the world has led to forecasts of a global recession. From the past five days, stock markets in India have been correcting, which is a ripple effect of correction in major stock markets worldwide due to the impact of Coronavirus on the global economy.

 Over the past few days, a lot has been spoken about the impact of Coronavirus on global economies and its potential impact on the stock markets in India and abroad. After going through them, we were able to break them into three broad categories.Experts: They rely on real numbers – They are looking at real news rather than the opinions.


There have been headlines stating:



The commoners like you and us, who back their opinions based on some reliable information and numbers to make informed decisions:


Be the one who believes in chaos & panic.

We’re attaching a few forwards out of many that we’ve received over the past few days: