How to Find the Best Online Financial Advisory Services In India?

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Technology has made our life better and changed the way things work. It has changed the way we shop, invest, and work too. A tech-savvy generation of investors, high-speed data, and smartphone usage have helped online financial advisory services to overtake the traditional method of providing stock recommendations over the phone.

Pravin is an executive with a logistics company who keeps shuttling across different cities and towns across India on account of his work. As a result of his busy schedule and meetings, he often used to miss phone calls made by his offline financial advisory service for recommending investment opportunities. Despite operating demat and a trading account for more than 2 years, Pravin was unable to harness the power of equity because of his tight schedule.

On one of his official trips, Pravin spotted an advertisement of an online financial advisory service in a travel magazine and decided to check it out. Pravin found the services of the online financial advisory service provider to be very convenient as he no longer needed to depend on phone calls for stock recommendations.

Online financial advisory services offer the convenience of any time, anywhere access to investment advice at your fingertips.

There are thousands of online financial advisory services in India. 

How to choose the best online financial advisory service in India?

Opt for SEBI registered online financial advisory services in India

While looking for the best online financial advisory service in India one should only consider SEBI registered ones as they work under the guidelines framed by SEBI which are aimed at promoting greater transparency and avoiding miss-selling.

Opt for online financial advisory services in India which offer a flat Fee Structure

It is highly recommended to go for an online financial advisory service that offers a flat fee structure rather than charging fees as a percentage of the investment size.

Check for reviews

One can get a fair idea of the performance of a financial advisory service by checking for online and offline reviews. One can also check for references among friends, colleagues, or relatives to get first-hand information from people who might have used the service of a stock market advisory firm.

Go for a service that offers investment recommendations based on detailed reports

Any investment recommendation made by an online financial advisory service should be backed by a detailed report which validates the reason behind investing in a particular business. Before opting for any financial advisory service in India ask for sample reports from the advisory service which will help you understand the depth of its research.

Why Research & Ranking ranks as one of the best online financial advisory service in India?

Research & Ranking is a SEBI-registered online financial advisory service with four offices across Mumbai, Thane, Noida, and Bengaluru. With an in-house research team having a collective experience of several decades and an employee strength of over 170, we are well placed to take care of your investment needs to ensure to help you achieve your financial goals.

Since its inception, Research & Ranking has helped more than 15,000 stock market investors to achieve their financial goals by investing in a high conviction portfolio of 20-25 fundamentally sound stocks for the long term. 

Check out the outstanding past performance of Research & Ranking\’s model portfolio below:

This article was last updated on 26/02/21

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