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Don't Lose Money in Stock Market.

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Don't Lose Money in Stock Market.

Build your Multibagger Portfolio Instead

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How To Retire Early By Choosing The Best Long-Term Investment Plans?

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1. Best Long-Term Investment Plan for Retirement at Early Age

Are you bored of the monotony of your regular job or want to follow your passion to travel across the world or just do something of your own or Retire early by choosing the best Long-Term Investment Plan?

Whatever may be your reason to retire early, it requires careful planning and of course adequate money in the absence of regular income.

A few decades ago, the standard age for retirement was 58 to 60. But today there is no standard age for retirement. In the end, it just boils down to home much money you have for your expenses post-retirement irrespective of what age you retire and whether it will last for your lifetime to live a comfortable life.

So is it really possible to retire early without running into financial troubles at a later stage?

People often scout for different ways to plan for a comfortable retirement. Would it be best to invest in stocks to build a huge retirement corpus or play safe by investing in long-term investment plans offered by traditional investment options?

We have often heard stories of people who invested long-term in stocks and forgot about them only to realize many years later that their investments have generated significant returns required for a comfortable retirement. Wipro, Maruti, Eicher Motors, L&T, and MRF are the best examples of long-term investment stocks in India that have rewarded patient investors with manifold returns.

To plan for early retirement, there are multiple investment options such as direct equities, mutual funds, and long-term investment plans in traditional investment options like PPF, NPS, pension plans, etc. However, every investment has its own advantages and disadvantages.


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Need a customized investment portfolio?

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Traditional investment options like PPF and pension plans offer low returns and hence cannot help you to build a huge retirement corpus.

Equity investments in mutual funds and stocks in India are risky but can offer substantial gains if you have a long-term perspective.

Need a few more examples to understand the power of equities? Here, they are:

If one would have invested 1 lac in Minda at the start of 2013, the accumulated return till now would be more than INR 10 lacs. This is an appreciation of more than 900% in 5 years.

Similarly, if INR 1 lac were invested in Havells in January 2005, it would have turned into 82.5 lacs today, a growth of a whopping 8150% in 13 years.

Remember there is no such thing called as the best long-term investment plan for retirement. The ideal way would be to start with introspecting your risk appetite and financial goals and then spreading your investments across multiple baskets.

Few steps to keep in mind while planning to retire early:

Step 1. Create a retirement strategy

When you know your destination, it is easier to achieve your goals. When we talk about retirement planning, it is important to have long-term investment plans. For a comfortable second inning, it is very important to work out your retirement age, monthly basic expenses, expected expenses, your pre, and post-retirement investment plans, etc.

Step 2. Start early

Starting early works in your favor, since your returns would be compounded each year you stay invested. Starting late is disadvantageous, as one tends to give less time to long-term investment plans for retirement. There is a possibility that one may fall short to achieve desired goals.

Step 3. Health is wealth

Even before starting with long-term investment plans, it’s always recommended to get your health insured. With increasing age, health problems also increase so it is recommended to have adequate health insurance.

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Step 4. Monitor your retirement plan regularly

Once you start investing in long-term investment plans for retirement, it is equally important to monitor them regularly to ensure that your long-term investment plans are on the right track to meet achieving your retirement goals.

Step 5. Diversify your asset allocation

Introduce different assets classes in your retirement portfolio, as different investments help to maintain the balance. You should select your long-term investment plans for different asset classes depending on your risk appetite and the number of years left for retirement. For example, Equities are best suited for people who want to create sustainable wealth by investing in long-term stocks in India that suit their goals, time horizon, and risk appetite.

Planning for early retirement can be a huge challenge, but if you save regularly using a long-term investment plan, it becomes easier to achieve your retirement goals.

As aptly said by Edward Coke “Precaution is better than a cure”.

Since our birth, we have been advised the age-old method of saving more and spending less. This route toward wealth creation is also considered an evergreen method to manage our finances in a methodical way. However, if you think that this traditional habit of piling up huge amounts of cash reserves will help you to retire early, it’s time to do the math again.

The lifestyle of generation Y is starkly different when compared to their forefathers. Whether it is solo travel or exotic trips, the choice for designer labels or dine-outs at plush restaurants, or simply the craze to own the latest gadgets those born in generation Y are far away from living a life as basic as the earlier generations did.

With the current lifestyle, many will face a tough time planning for early retirement if they stick to traditional investments with low returns.

Our secret formula to help you retire early

Our wealth creation products are a departure from the traditional method while embracing the modern investing way for a modern lifestyle. We look for companies with the potential to generate multibagger returns over a long-term period i.e., 5-6 years.

We believe that even though rigorous research and analysis help in identifying companies with strong fundamentals, the key to discovering such multibagger stocks is to look at the data in a manner that others can’t. We have our eyes set on stocks with a significant margin of safety having not just growth potential but the ability to give a multi-bagger return of 5 times, 10 times, and even more in a span of a few years.

Our endeavor is to generate multifold returns for our clients by following a simple investment methodology: Stocks with sound fundamentals, agile and credible management, and a healthy balance sheet along with the benefit of the power of compounding leads to real wealth.

No wonder our exceptional wealth creation strategy has generated a return of 802% since inception. You can retire comfortably even at the age of 40 if you follow this path of systematic investing,

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