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Evolution and Role of Fintech – Research & Ranking

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As we draw closer to the end of this series (which we hope you must have thoroughly enjoyed reading), we want to enlighten you about a very interesting segment of startups. These are called ‘FinTechs’. These companies have generated immense interest among investors. They have begun to disrupt the way the entire financial system in India works. In today’s story, let us take a look at what exactly are FinTechs, the size of the market in India, and which sub-segments they cater to.

What are FinTechs?

The word ‘FinTech’ is a combination of the words ‘finance’ and ‘technology’. FinTech simply means the use of technology to enhance financial services and make them seamless. FinTechs tend to select a particular need or niche within the entire financial system and go deeper to serve that need.